Dental Implants


There is no better, long-lasting option to restoring a missing tooth than a single tooth implant implant fitted with a crown. A single tooth implant is a replacement of your missing tooth’s root. A single tooth implant acts, feels, and looks like a natural tooth.

Traditional replacement of a single tooth using a dental implant is often completed over multiple visits:

  • Visit 1: Consultation and planning, including initial exam, imaging of your teeth, questions about your dental and medical history, and discussion of your treatment options.
  • Visit 2: Placement of a dental implant, is a substitute for the missing natural tooth root, either with or without a built-in abutment (a connector placed on, or built into, the top of the implant) that will attach to the replacement tooth. A temporary tooth can be placed while the dental implant integrates with your natural bone to form a strong foundation for your replacement tooth. Most people return to work the next day.
  • Visit 3: Placement of the abutment, if one wasn’t placed during the prior visit.
  • Visit 4: Placement of a custom-made crown, or replacement tooth.


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