How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign Poster

Every Invisalign treatment is customized to a patient’s mouth and unique alignment needs. The clear aligners are designed to move certain teeth at certain times, and this requires careful planning on the part of your West Bloomfield Township Invisalign provider, as well as patience and dedication from you, the patient. At Zoma Dental, we are proud to offer Invisalign to qualified patients as a desirable alternative to traditional metal braces.

Getting Invisalign Treatment Started

Every cosmetic dentistry treatment begins with a dental exam. Invisalign is no different. Your dentist must review the condition of your teeth and gums to ensure that your oral health is in good condition and will benefit from this alignment method. You can expect:

  • Plenty of photos: Detailed 3D imaging and X-rays of your teeth, jaw, and bite will be taken. Your dentist will move the teeth around digitally and observe the jaw from different angles to conduct a diagnostic analysis and identify if a path to straight teeth can be achieved.
  • Detailed plan: Your dentist will design a customized treatment plan for your Invisalign progress from start to finish before the first aligner is designed or placed over your teeth. This plan will be followed throughout your treatment, barring any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Creation of aligners: Once your treatment plan has been completely drawn up, all the information and photos will be submitted to Invisalign so your precise aligners can be created for you.
  • Delivery of aligners: You will receive several sets of aligners at each dental visit, but it’s that first set of aligners that will take some getting used to. Once you understand the methodology, care, and expectations, wearing Invisalign will quickly and easily become part of your daily routine.

How The Invisalign Treatment Moves Teeth

Invisalign is a carefully plotted treatment that effectively shifts the teeth and bite in an innovative system until they are in complete alignment.

  • Only a few teeth are moved at a time.
  • New trays every two weeks or so targets allows new teeth to be targeted for alignment.
  • Tooth and tooth root are shifted simultaneously.
  • Teeth are moved slowly but firmly until the entire smile is straight.

Invisalign is a precisely designed treatment that takes a fraction of the time to complete, especially compared to conventional metal braces. The average Invisalign case is about one year, but this number will depend on how quickly your teeth shift, how much they need to move, and how well you follow the rules of your dentist.

The Help of Attachments

Many Invisalign wearers will have Invisalign attachments through the course of their treatment. These small, tooth-colored dots come in a mix of shapes and sizes. They are made of composite material and temporarily bonded to the teeth to help aligners stay in place more snugly and shift teeth more effectively.

Your unique Invisalign plan may have a triangular attachment on an upper front tooth and a square one on an incisor – it will all depend on how teeth need to move. Once your treatment is complete, the attachments will be buffed off the teeth and no one will ever know they were there.

Attachments do make the clear aligners a little more noticeable because room must be made in the aligners for the attachments to fit into. These small inconveniences, however, make Invisalign a more effective treatment. It’s important to clean carefully around the attachments to avoid any build-up on them so they remain unobtrusive.

The Invisalign Patient’s Responsibilities

Invisalign allows for freedom, especially when it comes to what you eat, but the success of your efforts is a direct result of your dedication to the treatment. Every Invisalign patient has the following responsibilities:

  • Wear the aligners 20 to 22 hours every day.
  • Remove the trays for all snacks and meals.
  • Drink only water when Invisalign is in place to avoid staining the trays.
  • Clean trays daily so they stay clear and odor-free.
  • Change aligners as instructed by your West Bloomfield Township Invisalign provider.
  • Wear your retainer once treatment is complete.

Find out if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Jacqueline Zoma at Zoma Dental in West Bloomfield Township.