Both Complete and partial dentures replace missing teeth and supporting tissues in the mouth.

Dentures are an artificial way to replace all missing teeth. They can be supported to help prevent bone loss and allow patients to chew and bite properly. Standard dentures rest on top of the gums and rely on suction to stay in place. Without support, the underlying bone will shrink and atrophy over time. Dentures are never easy to get used to, but we have various options that can help! Just ask one of our dental providers and they will help explain the option that is best for you.

A partial denture consists of replacement of one of more teeth that are attached to pink (gum colored) acrylic, which is connected by a metal bar or framework.  There are different types of partial dentures available to help hide metal clasps, also known as a precision partial denture. A precision partial denture gives a more natural looking appearance, without the fear of metal claps showing when you smile.  Ask your dental provider and they will explain the option that is best for you.

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