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    What are Dentures?

    Modern dentures are a customized solution to replace missing teeth. Reliable and natural-looking, they fill in the holes in your smile and give you secure teeth that allow you to speak, bite, and chew confidently. Find out whether this dental procedure is the best way to complete your smile, with help from the experienced dentists at Zoma Dental in West Bloomfield Township.


    Types of Dentures?

    People who are living without all their permanent teeth typically find themselves in this situation because of gum disease, advanced age, accident, or infection. Whether teeth have been extracted or whether they fell out, dentures replace natural teeth as well as the supporting tissues.

    There are different types of dentures to discuss with your West Bloomfield Township dentist, including:

    • Full dentures: Full dentures replace an entire arch of teeth on the top and bottom of the mouth. They require adhesive and suction to stay in place and must be removed for daily cleaning. It is so important to consult with an experienced dentist because careful customization and adjustments allow the dentures to fit comfortably. This type of restoration covers the palate, which always demands time for your mouth tissues and muscles to get used to.
    • Partial dentures: Partial dentures are removable. They replace one or more missing teeth at a time with the attachment of prosthetic teeth to a pink, gum-colored acrylic. The framework is typically fitted in place using clasps, a design that allows the denture to be removed for daily cleaning and usually eliminates the need for adhesives. The partial appliance also helps support the remaining teeth, preventing them from drifting into any holes created by the missing teeth. We can also help hide the metal clasps of a partial appliance.
    • Fixed All-on-4 / All-on-6 dentures: For the patients who have multiple teeth to replace but want to avoid full dentures, adhesives, and the covering of their palate, they can often consider permanent appliances. This dental restoration involves the placement of dental implants with a denture permanently attached to it. This repair is secure, natural-looking, and strong, allowing teeth to function normally and supporting the denture to help prevent bone loss.
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    The Benefits of Modern Dentures

    Dentures are not always an easy dental restoration to get used to, but they are a reliable, affordable solution for missing teeth, and your West Bloomfield Township dentist is prepared to help you adjust to this oral health change.

    What is important to remember is that teeth dentures are a major benefit to your wellness, both physically and mentally. Missing teeth are a functional and cosmetic problem – both issues need to be addressed when you’re deciding on the best solution. When you do not have all your teeth, it is common to feel embarrassed, self-conscious, and reluctant to speak up or eat in public.

    Modern false teeth are more comfortable and durable than of the past. They also fit more securely, are easier to take care of, are discreet, and look natural. Thanks to a customized fit and design, today’s dental appliances simply complete your smile and make it look amazing in the process. They are carefully designed so the teeth are the right size, shape, and color to complement your appearance.

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    Why Its So Important to Replace Missing Teeth

    Some people claim they would rather live without all their teeth than have to live with dentures, but there are many side effects when you don’t replace missing teeth.

    Besides leaving gaping holes in your smile and drawing negative attention to your mouth, the following complications can occur:

    • Changing face shape
    • Unstimulated jawbone
    • Bone deterioration
    • Sunken or compressed look

    These changes are dramatic and take time to occur, but they are unavoidable if you do not replace missing teeth.  Dentures require some effort, but not much more than daily brushing and flossing already demand. The perks they ensure keep your mouth healthy and strong.

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    Are Dentures the Right Solution for Your Missing Teeth?

    Find out whether you’re a good candidate for dentures or another type of dental restoration from Zoma Dental in West Bloomfield. There is always a solution for your missing teeth. Schedule an appointment to discuss your options.

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