Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth can stain 2 ways: Intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic staining occurs on the inside of the teeth, while extrinsic staining occurs on the outer surface of the teeth. Some over the counter toothpaste can eliminate the extrinsic stain (outer surface stain), but professional teeth whitening can help to remove deeper stains.

We offer 2 types of whitening systems. One will fit you just right!

Option 1:

We have the 14 day take home whitening tray system called Opalescence. Opalescence will give you the smile you have been wanting. Brighter, whiter and will fit your budget! The use of this teeth whitening agent requires impressions of your top and bottom teeth to allow for custom trays to be made.

Opalescence gels contain an active whitening ingredient (Carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide) that penetrates the enamel (white part of the tooth) to break down discolored molecules. As a result, your teeth become brighter and whiter.

For more detailed information, please ask our dental professionals or visit www.opalescence.com

Option 2:

We also offer our in-office whitening called Philips Zoom, a high intensity light bleaching system.  We can enhance your smile in just 45 minutes!

It’s simple! It is used with an excellent pre-whitening surface cleaner and is the most convenient way to get a bright smile, faster! Take home touch up whitening gels are also included.

For more detailed information, please ask our dental professionals or visit www.usa.philips.com

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