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    Are you embarrassed by your smile or unhappy with how your teeth look? A smile makeover will transform your appearance and give you a smile you can be proud to show off. Whether you opt for one cosmetic dentistry treatment or a large collection of smile upgrades and dental restorations, a cosmetic dentistry makeover from Zoma Dental in West Bloomfield will result in a flawless smile that makes you look younger, happier, and healthier.

    Smile Makeover

    How Does A Smile Makeover Work?

    A smile makeover is customized to each patient’s unique needs, which means you can undergo just one or many cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments.

    Every smile makeover goes a little something like this:

    • Meet with your West Bloomfield dentist.
    • Discuss your concerns, questions, and frustrations about your smile.
    • Undergo an exam to determine the health of your teeth and gums.
    • Talk about the viable dental treatments that can truly makeover your teeth.
    • Schedule your procedures and wait patiently for your new smile to come to life.
    How a Smile Makeover Works

    Are You A Good Candidate For A Smile Makeover?

    Everyone is a good candidate for a smile makeover, no matter your age or the condition of your teeth. With one exception: you must be in good oral health to qualify for cosmetic dentistry upgrades.

    A smile makeover can include a redo of the foundation of your smile, especially if you are dealing with gum disease, loose teeth, missing teeth, pain, or damaged teeth. These corrections will need to happen before any aesthetic changes can take place.

    Once your smile is healthy, cosmetic dentistry procedures can take the lead. They will always be customized to look natural and flatter your appearance to achieve the result of an authentic smile.

    Smile Makeover Candidate

    Smile Makeover Procedures

    Your West Bloomfield cosmetic dentist will make recommendations for you, depending on your complaints or oral health needs.

    Some of the most common procedures that patients opt to include in their makeover are the following:

    • Porcelain veneers: The ultimate in smile makeover procedures, porcelain veneers conceal every cosmetic complaint there is, from chips to stains to gaps and more. These super-thin shields of porcelain are customized in size, shape, and color so they deliver a stunning new smile.
    • Teeth whitening: Professional teeth whitening is still one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments because it’s fast, affordable, and it works. Sometimes combined with other dental procedures but often standing alone, whitening bleaches your teeth to multiple shades whiter.
    • Tooth-colored fillings: Don’t like your unsightly silver fillings? Replace them with white, natural-looking, composite fillings that are healthier for your teeth. White fillings can also be used to correct minor imperfections or fill gaps between teeth.
    • Invisalign: It takes a little longer to make a smile makeover happen with Invisalign, but when you combine this nearly invisible treatment with teeth whitening, the end result is a stunning smile upgrade of white, straight, healthy teeth.
    • Porcelain crowns: Damaged, oddly shaped, broken, or unsightly teeth can be covered up permanently with a carefully designed crown that fits over the tooth and restores it to full function.
    • Dental implants: When you are missing a tooth or many teeth, your smile will be forever transformed by permanent dental implants. Surgically placed and carefully customized, this restoration gives you a fully functional and beautiful smile again.
    Procedures Smile Makeover

    Smile Makeover Procedures Get a Smile Makeover in West Bloomfield?

    Your West Bloomfield dentist at Zoma Dental is ready to help you get the smile of your dreams. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and learn more about what could be involved in your one-of-a-kind cosmetic dentistry makeover.

    Smile Makeover West Bloomfield