Full Coverage Crowns

full coverage dental crown

All dental restorations are designed to repair the structural integrity of a tooth so that it is once again complete in form and function. At Zoma Dental in West Bloomfield Township, we offer full coverage crowns, a common dental solution for repairing damaged, decayed, or deteriorating teeth.

Reasons to Get a Full Coverage Dental Crown

A full coverage crown strengthens the tooth, beautifies your smile, delivers a natural-looking repair, and allows you to speak, bite, and chew without any worries. A full coverage dental crown is often recommended in the following circumstances:

  • Broken or fractured tooth: When a tooth is broken or fractured, it can often be patched with a conservative solution like an onlay or partial crown. However, these repairs are not always robust enough. A crown covers the break and then some and makes a tooth whole again.
  • Large area of decay: Tooth decay is typically corrected with tooth-colored fillings. But some cavities are so large and so much enamel needs to be drilled away to eliminate the problem, a filling cannot successfully restore the tooth. A crown builds a tooth back to proper shape and size.
  • Lost or deteriorating filling: If a restoration is lost, it is likely because it was old, poorly done, or suffered trauma that dislodged it. Your tooth as a whole is at risk for greater complications besides the loss of the filling. A crown covers the problem tooth so a new filling is not necessary and the whole tooth is stronger for it.
  • Root canal therapy: Part of root canal therapy involves shaving the problem tooth down so the roots can be adequately cleaned and filled. These efforts eliminate the infection that settled into the teeth, but then the treated tooth must be covered up to prevent any other issues from developing. A crown is a common cap to root canal therapy.
  • Weak tooth: If a tooth has been severely weakened because of decay, age, or damage, it will become problematic. The tooth may discolor, chip and crack, and be hard to eat. Any weak tooth needs reinforcement, and a full-coverage crown covers every problem that tooth has and makes it disappear under a powerful, customized, porcelain shell.

Partial Crowns vs. Full Coverage Crowns

Most patients want the most conservative dental solution to endure less time in the dentist’s chair and a smaller dental repair budget. Your dentist just wants you to have the most appropriate restoration for the oral health problem you have so you can avoid developing bigger complications later.

Sometimes, a partial crown isn’t the right solution for your tooth. By themselves, partial crowns are strong and effective, but only if a dental problem is minor and affects only a portion of the tooth. A full coverage crown is a secure, long-lasting solution that protects the entire tooth and restores full function.

A full crown can actually feel like getting a new tooth. The shape and contours of the restoration are matched precisely to your existing teeth using state-of-the-art technology and the restoration both looks and feels natural.

Cost Factors of Full Coverage Crowns

There are many ways to correct damaged teeth, and they all have different price points. Your dentist is prepared to help you afford the full coverage crown you need to protect your tooth, using a variety of creative, no-interest financing options.

Cost factors for a full crown will vary but will depend on the following conditions:

  • Material used to create the crown
  • What problem the crown will fix
  • The location of the compromised tooth
  • The size of the tooth
  • The dentist’s experience
  • Location of the dental practice

Get a Full Dental Crown in West Bloomfield Township

Find out if a full coverage crown is the right dental restoration for your oral health concern. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Jacqueline Zoma and her team at Zoma Dental in West Bloomfield Township to learn more about this smile makeover solution and others.