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    Single Tooth Implants

    Replace A Missing Tooth

    When you are missing one tooth, it interrupts your entire smile. Noticeable, unsightly, and often annoying, this absence is bigger than just a cosmetic problem. Over time, the rest of your smile can be affected by one missing tooth. At Zoma Dental, we offer single tooth dental implants to give you a complete and healthy smile.

    Single Tooth Implant

    Benefits Of A Single Tooth Implant

    There is no better, long-lasting option to restore a missing tooth than a single tooth dental implant fitted with a dental crown.

    Here’s why:

    • A single-tooth implant replaces the missing tooth’s root.
    • The implant looks like a natural tooth.
    • A dental implant acts like a normal tooth, so you can bite, chew, and speak confidently.
    • The implant feels like a natural tooth. You’ll forget you ever had a dental restoration.

    It may not seem that one missing tooth could cause many problems, but the absence of a tooth’s root can wreak havoc. The jawbone is not stimulated in the area where there is no tooth, which means over time there could be a change in the strength and shape of the face.

    Single Tooth Implant Benefits

    Each tooth in your mouth has an important role to fill. If one of them isn’t there, the entire formation is negatively affected and your oral health as a whole is compromised. Replacing a missing tooth and its root with a dental implant not only makes your smile look better, it works better.

    The Single Tooth Dental Implant Process

    The dental implant process takes place over weeks and months with multiple visits to your West Bloomfield dentist. It’s necessary to allow time for the treated area to heal, to ensure that the surgery was a success, and to allow the implant to fully integrate with the jawbone and form a strong foundation for the replacement tooth.

    • Visit 1: Consultation and planning. This visit includes the initial exam and imaging of your teeth, a review of your dental and medical history, and a discussion of your treatment options and whether you are a good candidate for a single tooth dental implant. If you are a good candidate for an dental implant, dental impressions will be taken at this visit for an implant surgical guide to be made (a device that helps guide the placement of the implant in the precise location of your jawbone).
    • Visit 2: Placement of the implant. The dental implant is placed during an outpatient oral surgery. Sometimes, depending on each individual patient and the location of the tooth being replaced, a built-in abutment – a connector placed on or built into the top of the implant – is attached to the implant and a temporary tooth can be put in place while the site heals. The placement of the abutment may or may not happen during the implant procedure. If your dentist opts to wait, it will be attached at a subsequent dental visit.
    • Visit 3: Impression for the permanent crown. Your West Bloomfield Dentist will take an x-ray and evaluate the implant to make sure that it is ready to be restored. An impression coping will be placed on top of the dental implant and a dental impression will be taken. This impression will be sent to the lab for the permanent tooth to be made.
    • Visit 4: Placement of the crown. A custom-made dental crown – your replacement tooth – is screwed in or sometimes cemented permanently in place to complete the single tooth implant procedure.
    Single Tooth Implant Process

    Why Replacing A Missing Tooth Is So Important

    It may not seem like one tooth could be that harmful to your overall oral health, especially if it is not a prominent tooth. But any tooth, anywhere in your mouth is very important. Many problems can occur if you do not find a replacement tooth for the missing one.

    • Teeth can shift in the mouth to fill the open space, damaging the bite, alignment, and stability and leading to crooked or crowded teeth.
    • Enamel can get worn down or even fracture when neighboring teeth compensate for the work the missing tooth would normally do.
    • Jaw pain and tooth pain can develop from the extra work the teeth surrounding the gap are doing.

    Replacing a missing tooth with single tooth implants is a common restorative dentistry procedure, whether it happens through a dental implant, dental bridge, or other treatment. Find out what’s right for you. Contact Zoma Dental in West Bloomfield to schedule a consultation.

    Single Tooth Implant