sports mouth guard

Sports Mouth Guard

Protective sports mouth guards are a must for adults and children who play sports. Any direct impact to the mouth, caused by a hit, fall, collision, or otherwise, can result in serious damage to the teeth. When you wear a customized sports mouth guard created by Zoma Dental in West Bloomfield Township, you protect your teeth, gums, and mouth from pain and serious injury.

The Risks of Not Wearing a Mouth Guard

When you’re a dedicated athlete, you want to be able to play hard and trust that your body is protected no matter what. Helmets do an important job, but they aren’t always enough to protect teeth from damage in a sporting match. And if you play a sport that doesn’t even require a helmet, you open your teeth up to more danger should you suffer a blow to the mouth. Protective gear is critical, and this gear includes a sports mouth guard.

There are many complications that can occur if you suffer a hit to the mouth while playing sports, including:

  • Knocked-out tooth
  • Dislodged tooth
  • Broken tooth
  • Chipped tooth
  • Damaged braces

If you participate in contact sports like football, lacrosse, soccer, hockey, or boxing, sports mouth guards are a necessity. Some low-contact, no-contact, or individual sports like skateboarding or mountain biking may not demand the use of a mouth guard, but plenty of these athletes are thankful they’ve had a mouth guard in place to save their teeth from trauma or injury. Every game is safer with a mouth guard.

Protect More Than Just Your Teeth with a Sports Mouth Guard

When you think of sports and teeth, images of toothless hockey players may come to mind. But sports mouth guards protect more than just your teeth and the appearance of your smile – they also protect your bite and the soft tissues of your mouth.

If your bite is damaged, alignment is altered, or jaw is knocked out of whack, the pain can be incredible. Serious time and resources will be necessary to repair both your bite and teeth so they are comfortable and healthy and leave you free from pain.

Without a mouth guard in place, you can also suffer from soft tissue damage to your cheeks, tongue, and gums. This can result in severe bleeding and lacerations and threaten the condition of your oral health.

The Importance of a Customized Sports Mouth Guard

If you want to protect yourself from serious dental injury while playing sports, invest in a customized sports mouth guard. This doesn’t mean an over-the-counter preformed stock guard or a bite-and-boil guard, it means one that is carefully designed for your unique mouth by your West Bloomfield Township dentist. Here’s why:

  • There are different types of mouth guards: Depending on the game you play and whether you wear braces or not will determine which type of guard is best for your mouth.
  • Comfort fit: Over-the-counter mouth guards can be bulky, uncomfortable, and make it difficult to talk or breathe. A personalized sports mouth guard will fit your teeth perfectly.
  • Total protection: A mouth guard fitted precisely to your mouth offers the ultimate in coverage, protecting your teeth, absorbing shock, and limiting movement.
  • Durable: Athletes play hard, which means a mouth guard must be able to withstand whatever comes its way. Over-the-counter guards are susceptible to tears and breaking, but your dentist’s mouth guards are not.

Protective sports mouth guards are typically made only for the upper teeth. If you have circumstances that you believe require a lower guard as well, talk with your West Bloomfield dentist about the best way to move forward and the best way to get an effective, strong, mouth guard that fits properly.

Get a Sports Mouth Guard in West Bloomfield Township

Wear your mouth guard and play your preferred sport with determination and confidence. Contact Zoma Dental in West Bloomfield Township to get fitted for a customized, protective sports mouth guard.