Infection Control

Infection Control

At Zoma Dental, every patient’s health and well-being are prioritized. Our West Bloomfield dental office practices meticulous infection control, following federal and state guidelines to the letter, while also taking extra precautions. Infection control is non-negotiable, and our entire team is dedicated to making our patients feel safe and secure in our new, immaculate, state-of-the-art dental facility.

Protecting Every Patient with Careful Measures

Our infection control procedures are thorough, and they begin before patients even walk in the door. Here is what you can expect before and during every dental visit:

  • Screening: All patients are screened for risk while they are making a dental appointment.
  • Check-In: Further pre-screening questions are asked when the patient checks in for their appointment.
  • Comfort: Patients are invited to wait in their cars to allow for adequate social distancing. We will call you on your cell phone when it is time for your appointment.
    • Temperature Check: Every patient has their temperature taken at the door with a no-touch forehead thermometer.
    • Hand sanitizer: Every person who enters the dental office must use hand sanitizer, which is provided at the entrance.
    • Disinfecting: All exam rooms, including chairs, arm rests, light handles, light switches, x-ray units, dental units, counters, cabinet and drawer handles, computer screens, keyboards, and anything preset in the room that can get contaminated with aerosols and that can be touched are thoroughly disinfected with CaviCide virus-killing treatment after every patient. All door handles, counters, and bathrooms throughout the office are also disinfected thoroughly throughout the day. CaviCide is intended for hard, non-porous surfaces for dental offices and is effective against viruses, COVID-19, tuberculosis, bacteria, and fungi. CaviCide is recommended when following infection control procedures and regulations. Dental lines are also flushed in between each patient.
    • Sterilization: Dental equipment and tools are always carefully sterilized. The equipment and instruments go through an advanced sterilization process in our in-office sterilization center.

West Bloomfield Dentist Follows Federal Health and Safety Guidelines

Dental offices must abide by the guidelines of entities like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the American Dental Association (ADA).

Zoma Dental takes these responsibilities seriously, and they are reflected in our office in many ways. During a major outbreak:

  • Elective procedures are postponed
  • Non-urgent dental visits are postponed
  • Non-essential dental exams are postponed
  • Urgent and emergency dental visits are prioritized.

The urgency and need for procedures are made on a case-by-case basis.

State-of-the-Art Dental Equipment

The Zoma Dental office is in a newly constructed space that meets all building and safety codes. This facility is state of the art and includes new:

  • Dental chairs: The A-dec 500 dental chairs are designed to offer a superior patient experience, beginning with sturdy armrests for easy entry and exit from the chair. Whole-body comfort is delivered through plush upholstery and ergonomically correct support of the back and shoulders, even during long procedures. Gentle stops and starts during patient positioning help maintain a calm environment and the toeboard tilt gives a gentle cradling effect to help the patient feel relaxed.
  • Equipment: All new equipment ensures the safety of all patients. Our dental units guarantee no water backflow as an important means of infection control. A-dec’s water bottle is designed to reduce the chance of cross-contamination. The pickup tube remains inside the bottle, significantly reducing exposure to contaminants.
    • The A-dec delivery system control block has an advanced design that gets rid of trapped water. Fresh water circulates each time the handpick is activated.
    • A special solution called ICX, is used to clean the water lines to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and protects the waterlines during periods of non-use.
    • During the manufacturing process, A-dec incorporates an antibacterial agent called AlphaSan in the waterline tubing. AlphaSan contains silver ions that protect the tubing against bacteria that cause odors, discoloration, and corrosion.
  • Sterilization center: The sterilization center is integral to a smoothly run dental office. We process and sterilize instruments in an environment that is free of cross-contamination and ensures the safety of patients and staff, with zoned areas clearly marked for dirty and sterilized instruments.

Zoma Dental: Making Every Patient’s Health and Safety a Priority

Zoma Dental is the West Bloomfield family dental practice that you can always rely upon for your oral health needs. We are here to help you stay healthy. We take our responsibility seriously as we treat your teeth and gums.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please contact us now.

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