I was in need for a new dentist and hadn’t been to one for over a year. I was recommended to go see Dr. Zoma through a friend of mine and I’m extremely happy I did! I was in pain every time I ate something on one side of my mouth. It was excruciating. I made an appointment with Dr. Zoma and was fit in that week! She took X-rays of my teeth and to my surprise I had even more cavities than I thought. I had braces on for over 5 years and wasn’t the best at taking care of my teeth so I have a fair amount of cavities. Dr. Zoma sat down with me and discussed my needs and options for all my teeth. She assured me everything would be okay and that I wouldn’t need any root canals or crowns which is what I was worried about. A few of my cavities were very deep and close to the root and she somehow managed to save them and fill them, and I haven’t had any problems or pain since! I cannot even tell the teeth are filled they look so natural. She took her time on me and wasn’t rushed. She made sure I was content and happy with everything she had done. I’m a bit picky when it comes to this kind of stuff and she exceeded my expectations. My previous dentist did not spend even half the amount of time with me as Dr. Zoma. I truly felt as if I was apart of her family. She is extremely friendly and extremely smart. She gave me a plan to follow to keep my fillings and teeth healthy and even showed me the proper ways to brush and floss. I’ve never been so happy and cared for after leaving a dentist office before. If you’re looking for someone who spends quality time and cares about their patients and prides themselves on their work then I highly recommend Dr. Zoma!