Whenever you need dental services, including same day cleaning, please run to Zoma Dental Office in Orchard lake road. They will take care of you quickly, professionally and efficiently. I knew this from experience. I gave them a call about possibility to see Dr. Zoma same day, have my cleaning done same day too. Zoma Dental gave me a very huge surprise of my life that no dentist or any doctor’s office has ever given or I thought was possible. Believe it, I got an appointment same day, got in same day, had my cleaning done same day by Emily, a cool dental hygienist, and also saw Dr. Zoma same day.
Dr. Zoma was very kind, professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. She walked me through her observation up to finding best solution for me.

Zoma Dental staff, from the front desk up to the practitioners, were very friendly. I didn’t have to wait a long time before I got my cleaning done. Their price was very very affordable believe me. I’m speaking from experience and my heart as somebody in the healthcare field. This is truly satisfying for me. Thank you Zoma Dental. You really worn my heart.

Rubby Nwonye, MBA, RHIT
HIM Practitioners